Using LED parcans, we place lights around the venue on the floor, shining up the walls in a V-shape. This creates a warmth (or coolness, depending on colour select) to your venue and adds to the overall ambience. It’s also an easy way to dress your walls if you’re not using draping, and looks great on draping too. As lights are LED, we can choose any colour you want and set lights to that colour. Generally, only one colour is used on all lights, although mixing two similar or complimentary colours can also be attractive. If you’re wanting to create movement or change the colour of the lights during the night, we can set the ambient lights up on a DMX control desk, which allows a controller to change colour, or have them set to a constantly shifting range of colours. Our base package for ambient wall uplighting is 6 lights. Depending on how effective you want the room to look, we can offer 12, 18, 24 or more. We’ve supplied 36 lights on several occasions for clients who are really looking for an all-out effect to remember.


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Princessvlei Rd

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Cape Town, South Africa

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